Utah family builds human bungie slingshot, lures crazy daredevils

Bet you thought that human slip-and-slide/slingshot was the ape's bananas, didn't you? This high-flinging human bungie slingshot isn't quite as epic, but it's still scary enough to make you wet your pants mid-air. And that's something.

I've never had any reason to go to Utah, but I think I just found one. The Pope family's self-proclaimed original human slingshot is located in Hobble Creek Canyon Utah.

Folks not afraid to strap themselves to a bungie slingshot, be pulled back by an ATV and then launched into the air will find this video dangerously entertaining. The rest of us probably have our mouths agape, but will never have the guts to actually try something this crazy.

It certainly looks like a hell of a lot of fun, but what are the chances it'll fail on me when I hop on? Reassure me with safety check statistics Pope family!

YouTube, via Geeky-Gadgets

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