U.S. Army: 'even kittens can be deadly!'

Rabies is a potentially fatal virus carried by mammals. You can get it from being bitten or licked by an infected animal, no matter how cute, and last month, a soldier in Afghanistan died from a dog bite. The Pentagon is fighting back with this series of posters warning deployed troops about the dangers of cute animals.

The Army has a very clear policy when it comes to animals on deployment: just don't. No pets, no mascots, and don't interact with animals you encounter. It's impossible to tell whether an animal has rabies, and if you get bitten, by the time you notice that something's wrong it's probably going to be too late.

This series of posters from the U.S. Army Public Health Command is targeting the over 600 servicemen and women who were bit by animals while on deployment over a one month period last year. Only 117 of them got vaccinated against rabies, and only 25 of those got the necessary follow-up treatments. So clearly, troops need to be warned about the potentially deadly hazards of, you know, puppies and kittens.

U.S. Army Public Health Command, via Danger Room

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