Ultrabooks will get insane 'Retina Display' resolutions in 2012

Man, the talk of the PC town is all about Ultrabooks. This year's Ultrabooks already look like slick MacBook Air alternatives, but next year — with those 15-inch displays and 2,560x1,400 resolution screens — whoo, they're going to be absolutely amazing.

Most Ultrabooks have a resolution somewhere within the 1,366x768 range. Apple's MacBook Air (13-inch) has a 1,440x900 resolution and Asus's 13-inch Zenbook UX31 has a whopping 1600x900 resolution.

Intel claims that Ultrabooks shipping next year with Ivy Bridge processors will be able to power displays with resolutions as high as 2,560x1,400 with "retina" display quality. In simple parlance, the screen's pixels are indistinguishable to the human eye (see iPhone 4/4S)

Packing a display that dense into a 13-inch Ultrabook would probably burn your eyes out. Text will be incredibly small (unless you zoom in), but there's no doubt that full HD video will look incredible on a display with such a high resolution.

VR-Zone says Intel expects to see Ultrabooks with these 3mm thick displays within six months. We'll believe it when we see real working models.

The bigger question is whether regular consumers even need screens that dense. Professionals will love the extended screen space, especially for those who use programs menu-heavy programs like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop, but regular old mom and dad? Probably not.

VR-Zone, via ZDNet

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