Train system detects the coolest and least crowded commute

Most New Yorkers might be surprised to know that their subway cars were first stress tested and designed in a different world altogether, the train-obsessed culture of Japan. Now a new Japan-made tool seeks to up the ante on train technology.

The 'Yamanote Train Net' Next Generation Train Information System was created by Mitsubishi Electric and delivers crowd and temperature information down to the specific train car. This might sound like overkill to most, but Japanese riders are accustomed to having granular detail about train schedules, exit locations, and real-time updates on accidents and delays. This new tool is only the next logical step.

The system is also a local area network (LAN) experiment that may be used in the future to deliver paid content and advertising, thus creating a sort of mobile, train-only Internet of sorts. You can see a demo of how the system works in the video below.

Via Diginfo

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