This iPhone dock has a motion-activated hidden camera on board

Are you worried about someone swiping your iPhone? Alternately, are you a pervert who would like to cover his tracks by pretending to be worried about someone swiping your iPhone? Well, here's your new iPhone dock.

The iCharge looks like a pretty normal iPhone dock, but it hides a 450 TVL Color CCD camera that's motion activated, so when someone comes into the room to steal your phone or change their clothes, it'll all be caught on tape. It's got 4GB of storage on board that's expandable to 32GB, so it should be able to store a whole lot of theft/peeping videos.

Of course, if you really are just worried about losing your phone, maybe just invest in some theft insurance, as the $395 price tag is higher than the phone you're trying to protect. You peepers out there are fine to just buy it.

Gadgets and Gear via ChipChick

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