This raincoat/umbrella hybrid is absolutely ridiculous

What do you get when you combine a raincoat, an umbrella and footie pajamas? You get this ludicrous Umbrella Coat Raincoat concept.

You see, it's a full-body suit, and it has a collar that can be pulled up to form an umbrella that sits over your head. It would make some sort of sense if it was simply a raincoat with a more serious hood, but this is a full-body suit, feet included. Why would you need this? How hard is it raining that a normal umbrella or raincoat would not suffice? Who is so afraid to get wet that they would cover up nearly every inch of their body to protect themselves from that scary, scary water?

Nobody, that's who. Which is why this will stay in the realm of the imaginary for the foreseeable future.

Via Yanko Design

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