This huge computer mouse is perfect for folks with big hands

Brando, a company that seems to be able to churn out anything and everything is back with the "USB 'BIG' Mouse" — an oversized mouse that'll look absolutely ridiculous on any desk and next to any keyboard.

If not for the fact that this gigantic 175x105x55mm mouse lights up with "flashing LED and translucent edge" this thing is nigh useless.

Unless you're big boned and really do need a huge mouse, this computer peripheral is just big because it can be.

Just look at this comparison chart with an iPhone 4:


It's massive, colossal, gargantuan. It's also only $20. The gamer in me wonders how well this thing would fare. Obviously, it's not going to have the insane DPI as some of Razer's gaming mouse options, but for regular PC gaming, it should be usable.

, via Technabob

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