The future called, wants its levitating lamp back

In the future, everything levitates. Why? Because levitation is damn cool, that's why. You don't need a time machine, though: this is a levitating lamp that you can go buy right now to impress your friends and utterly confuse your enemies.

If you're thinking right now that there's some trickery involved in getting the shade of the Silhouette lamp to levitate, you're absolutely right: it is trickery. Trickery called electromagnets. A sophisticated control system keeps the shade permanently suspended above the base, and as a bonus feature, the thing even produces a little bit of light thanks to whatever "the very latest LED technology" means. (Laser light bulbs would have been cooler.)

The Silhouette lamp is currently available in a couple different styles for just under a thousand Euros, which means that if you wait a few months, it'll be practically free. Watch it do its thing in the video below.

Light Light, via Neatorama

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