Stink up your gaming and movie action with Smellit

Does anyone remember Smell-O-Vision or Odorama? Those movie theater systems from past decades pumped in smells to match the scene in whatever Z grade movie you were watching, but now there's a home version called Smellit.

Smellit works by mixing combinations of fragrances, and pumping them into the room using timing cues built into the game or movie. So when the scene moves into a restaurant you'll be able to smell the food, and in a car repair shop you can smell the oil and gas.

We saw an early prototype version of Smellit a couple of years ago, but now the French manufacturer Olf Action claims this version is the real deal, and that they plan to exhibit it at the Lisbon Design Show in Portugal this week.

Pricing and availability were not announced, so we'll have to wait and see whether they're bluffing or not.

Behance Network, via Engadget

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