Steven Spielberg-backed Halo movie NOT back on (updated)

UPDATE: Sorry Halo fans, looks like the entire thing was a mistake. The publisher that published the magazine blurb stepped up to say that the movie release was a mistake. So no Steven Spielberg-backed Halo live-action movie for 2012. Major sad faces all around.

Halo fans can rejoice again, because the on and off live-action movie has been resurrected from the grave. Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks is said to be backing it.

The news is based off a single press release nugget scanned by French site and translated by HBO and if true, means the the movie should hit in 2012.

Important details such as who's directing and penning the story (Peter Jackson and District 9's Neill Blomkamp were all said to be onboard before things broke down a few years back) haven't been released yet, but we're sure that it'll be released eventually.

More importantly is that the Halo movie is back on track, most likely respawned to continue the hype machine in the run-up to Halo 4.

Who's ready for some actors geared up in Master Chief costumes?

As a refresher on how a live-action Halo movie would look, here's the 2007 short of Halo 3: Landfall — a combo clip of Neil Blomkamp's three short clips made in 2007.

Hopefully, the movie doesn't get derailed and canceled for the umpteenth time. and NeoGAF, via VG247

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