Sony starting secret PlayStation 4 development internally

Sony's still pushing its PlayStation 3 to be the only box gamers will ever need, but that doesn't mean it isn't thinking ahead. With Microsoft preparing its next Xbox for launch in 2013, it's only logical that Sony is hard at work on a PlayStation 4 as we speak.

Develop-Online reports that it's heard from its inside sources several first-party Sony studios are already conceptualizing games and specs for the next PlayStation, with the console launching by as early as 2014.

No specific developer studios were mentioned, but it's not that hard to guess that Sony's big franchises such as Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, WipeOut and Killzone will likely make the jump to the PS4 as well.

If the the PS Vita is any indication, Sony's PS4 specs will rely heavily on the the collective feedback from developers to build a machine that'll be able to bring their games to life.

Historically, game console makers build the system, and then just ask developers to push the envelope. This leads to development tool learning curves that take years to master and ultimately to games taking longer to get to retail.

Sony's going to be holding the cards for its PS4 close to its chest. If anything, we'll at least catch a glimpse of what Sony's planning at E3 next year, but even that seems like it's too soon.

Who's ready for the a PS4 anyway? Is that PS3 really not doing it for you anymore?

Via Develop-Online

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