Solar charger Tweets how green you are being to the world

Most solar device chargers sound like a good idea, until you realize that your savings are perhaps a few pennies per charge at best. But what if your charger could Tweet about how socially responsible you are, while you sit there smugly basking on your ecological high horse?

The Changers Solar Starter Kit consists of two parts, the Maroshi solar panel which harvests and converts the solar energy into electricity, and the Kalhuohfummi solar battery which stores it. See, even the names make you feel like you're a hippie trekking through Kathmandu looking for enlightenment.

Under ideal conditions, Changers claims the panel can charge the battery in about four hours, while the battery stores enough juice to charge an iPhone (or any other USB powered device) twice. If that's true, it's probably faster then using a regular wall charger.

Meanwhile, the system connects to your computer so it can send out a Tweet about how much good you're doing for the Earth, and stores credits that you can save and use towards some unspecified rewards and bonus gifts.

How long it will take to save enough power and receive sufficient bonuses to offset the $149 purchase price isn't clear, but that's not the point, is it?

This sounds promising, but I wonder if there's a way for the less smug among us to turn off the whole Tweeting feature?

The Changers Solar Starter Kit is available for pre-order, with deliveries scheduled to start in mid November.

Changers, via Wired Gadget Lab

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