Samsung plans to sell gadgets with real flexible screens in 2012

Not to be left behind the curve by Nokia's amazing flexible smartphone, Samsung's announced that it planning to release — not just show concept prototypes — a flexible smartphone or tablet in 2012. Next year's already shaping up to be quite the year.

Samsung's Vice President and Head of Investor Relations Robert Yi allegedly said in a recent earnings call that the Korean company will release a flexible display in 2012.

Macworld UK quotes Yi as saying, "The flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012. The application probably will start from the handset side." It's chopped up English, and it's possible that his statements were misconstrued, so it's wise to take his quote with a grain of salt. In addition, Macworld UK says that Yi said "tablets and other mobile devices with flexible displays would follow."

While I was completely blown away by that video of Nokia's flexible smartphone shown off earlier this week, I'm highly suspect that Samsung will launch something this daring in a real product next year.

I just don't see how cost-effective that would be for the company to risk its share of the market pie on. Perhaps it'll come as a luxury Samsung item and be overly expensive, like that Porsche Design-made BlackBerry, by which, Samsung will still be able to keep its word. Yi never said it would be inexpensive.

Macworld UK, via Pocket-lint

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