Rumor: Developers start moving game sequels to the next-gen Xbox

No new Xbox 360 announcement...yet, but it's rumored that a few developers are already shifting game development to Microsoft's next console.

A blurb in Xbox World magazine's "Insider" section is spurring conversation that several "Microsoft-friendly developers are hard at work on prepping next gen games as we speak."

Developers include Remedy, Lionhead and Turn 10. Remedy is rumored to have shifted development of Alan Wake 2 to the next Xbox. Meanwhile, Lionhead, the studio responsible for the Fable series and Turn 10 for its Forza Motorsport driving simulation games are both busy with current Xbox 360 games Fable 4 and Forza 4.

Microsoft might still be keeping things tight-lipped for now, but things could change next year. There are whispers that it'll show at least some kind of new Xbox at next year's E3.

It's common practice for developers to start work on next-gen games years ahead of official console releases, so if Remedy, Lionhead and Turn 10 are already smacking their lips at new hardware, it's not really surprising.

If this generation's games take years to develop and polish, one can only imagine what next-gen's going to require, especially if games look remotely close to matching Epic's updated Unreal Engine 3.

CVG, via GameInformer

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