Rumor: 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet is still on its way for 2012

With a little under a month to go before people start receiving their 7-inch Kindle Fire tablets, the canceled 10-inch version is rising back from the rumor graveyard, with a reported release date set for mid-2012. Would a Kindle Fire with a larger screen keep you from pre-ordering the 7-inch one?

Hardware refreshes are inevitable — unless you're Apple, in which case, a design remains timeless for any number of years before it's rendered outdated.

Common sense and a look back at Amazon's Kindle strategy dictates that some people want a small e-book reader and some want a larger one.

Amazon, is happy to offer customers options. If it's not, it wouldn't release a non-touchscreen Kindle, a touchscreen Kindle, and tablet Kindle.

DigiTimes and BGR report that Foxconn (makers of everybody's favorite gadgets) will be producing a second-gen Kindle Fire for 2012. Beyond that, we're in the dark on specs.

BGR says that the larger Kindle Fire will be powered by an NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 chip — meaningless if you're a general consumer who cares about content and not gigahertz.

A larger Kindle Fire will undoubtedly cost more, but here's to hoping it'll have at least one camera and more onboard storage options (or at least an expandable memory card slot).

If early pre-order data for the 7-inch Kindle Fire hold up, a 10-inch Kindle Fire with a reasonable price would be a very big deal and maybe even a real iPad killer.

DigiTimes, via BGR Android Community

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