Research firm claims Google+ traffic dropped by 60 percent

Less than one month since Google opened its Google+ social network to the masses, the Facebook challenger is already seeing traffic plummet by as much as 60 percent, according to data collected by Chitika Insights.

Measuring traffic (estimated) before Google+ went public and after, the Web analytic research firm says that despite a "surge in traffic of 1200%" last month, Google is having a hard time sustaining momentum.

People aren't staying on Google+.

Users who signed up for Google+ to see what the fuss was all about are leaving in droves. Chitika provides two reasons: 1) there are lots of social network options, and Google doesn't "stand out and provide a service that others do not" and 2) Google+ does not have unique features that are difficult to duplicate.

That second reason is definitely hinting at how Facebook's new tighter privacy settings are chewing into Google+'s main feature: Circles.

While Chitika Insights' research does look like doom and gloom for Google+, it's still extremely early to tell whether or not the social network will have any real staying power. After all, it was only back in July the blogosphere was declaring Google+ a super success after only three weeks and 20 million unique visitors.

What say you about all this Google+ business? Have you tried it? Love it? Hate it? Drop us a line in the comments below.

Chitika, via Pocket-lint, Daily Mail and MSNBC

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