Report: next Xbox coming in 2013

Despite the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 having been out for longer than previous generations' lifespans, they've still got some life in them yet. A new report states that Microsoft is planning a next-generation console launch for sometime in 2013.

Apparently, Microsoft is planning to unveil its next-gen Xbox at E3 in 2013, which generally happens in early summer, with the console to launch later that year, presumably in the fall.

Lionhead studios is reportedly already at work on Fable Next for the upcoming console, and various other studios are said to be at work on launch titles for the system.

It all makes sense to us. New games are still pushing the boundaries of the Xbox 360's hardware, but they're pretty much reaching the limit of its power now. With the Nintendo WiiU coming out next summer, a two year wait for the next generation system fits a logical timeline. We'll see!

Via Gamespot

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