Radiation detector for iPhone prepares you for a nuclear meltdown

Last week we saw a radiation detector for the iPhone called iGeigie, but now big time iPhone accessory maker Scosche has unveiled their own iPhone friendly Geiger counter.

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima reminded us that even when you you live in a place with strict safety standards, a simple chain of events can lead to a massive nuclear accident. Since then, the interest in low cost nuclear detectors has been huge, and now companies are starting to roll out products that meet the demand.

The Scosche RDTX is a wand that attaches to your iPhone or iPod Touch, which then displays the radiation levels on a continuous basis. It can be set up to display the results using a detailed digital scale, or a simple analog style meter with green, yellow and red zones. In addition to an instant level check, the meter will record average levels and total dosage over an extended period of time, and sounds an alarm if levels get too high. It can even upload the results directly to Twitter or Facebook, or to Google Maps to help develop radiation maps that show hot zones.

Scosche has already released a "pro" version of the RDTX in Japan for about $330, but the simplified RDTX promises to be much more affordable. Japan is taking all of the initial production, where it should become available next month. Availability in other countries and pricing were not announced.

Scosche, via Gizmag

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