Porsche Design and RIM to show off new designer BlackBerry

A partnership between RIM and Porsche Design? If it means a hot new BlackBerry that'll put the smartphone company back on top, then sure why not? With the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus now the envy of all design sticklers, RIM could use a sexy BlackBerry.

Last month a smartphone with the fingerprints of Porsche Design and BlackBerry surfaced with a "Knight 9980" moniker (that's it in the photo). Based on its redesigned keyboard it was uncertain whether the device was a legitimate product, prototype or just some cheap chinese knock-off posing as a BlackBerry.

Porsche Design and RIM have issued invites to an event in Dubai that'll likely unveil the new BlackBerry next week on October 27. The design is enough to get the enterprise all jittery, unless it ends up costing a fortune.

Looks are one thing, but what about the software? Will it run the newly announced BBX operating system based on the PlayBook's QNX? We can sure hope it will.

Or maybe, it's an updated PlayBook with a slick metal frame? Wouldn't that be something? We'll find out next week.

Via TechCrunch

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