Photoshop's magic 'deblurring' tool restores lousily shot photos

We've all been there before. We have a great photo, but it's blurry because of shaky hands. What if you could "deblur" the fuzzy photo later? Adobe has a prototype feature that does that and it might make it into the next version of Photoshop.

Using the magic of algorithms (no, Adobe isn't sharing it with you), Adobe has a Photoshop plug-in that somehow knows how to turn a blurry image into a sharp one. It also can turn hazy pictures of text into readable ones.

Yes, that means that phone number written on a napkin you nabbed from a hot stranger at a bar that you spilled beer all over might still be recoverable.

Mind you, the feature is still a work in progress and Adobe's not sure when the feature will make it into Photoshop, but it's still kind of insane to know that we're on the cusp of being able to deblur all sorts of blurry photos.

Who needs super fancy cameras with dozens of autofocus points when Photoshop can work its magic later?

YouTube, via Petapixel

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