Photo-nut builds giant DSLR camera costume that actually works

Okay, I really love cameras, but I think Tyler Card loves Nikon cameras more than anybody else on the planet. Why else would he build Nikon D3 DSLR Halloween costume that actually takes real digital photos?

Card's Halloween costume can take pictures of your Halloween costume and then display them on a Dell laptop LCD screen on the back. What can your costume do? Look pretty? Light up?

With a real working shutter button and blinding flash, Card has my vote for best techie/nerdie DIY Halloween costume I've seen this year! Sure the rest of the costume is all cardboard and the magic is really just a regular DSLR hidden inside, but you gotta give him points for taking dorkiness to another level.

Bonus: making of said costume video here.

Tyler Card, via Technabob

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