Passing Cloud concept lets you ride a piece of sky

Nowadays, travel is all about getting to your destination as fast as you can while minimizing invasive groping, but this was not always so. In the olden days, travel was all about the experience, and Tiago Barros' Passing Cloud concept brings that back with this cluster of giant balloons that you can ride on.

Passing Cloud is basically just like a big zeppelin, except lumpier. It's got a rigid stainless steel structure supporting an array of spherical nylon balloons that intersect to form a solid, if topologically diverse, platform suitable for passengers. There's no "inside" of Passing Cloud; you just climb up some stairs on top of the balloons and chill there, watching the clouds and ground go by.

If you have a specific destination in mind, though, Passing Cloud might not be the best way to go, since it doesn't go from Point A to Point B. More like, it goes from Point A to wherever the wind happens to be blowing, since the wind is its only source of power. Yeah, it's a downside, but that's why you have to get over the whole travel being about the destination thing, and just sit back and relax for once.

Passing Cloud, via Dezeen

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