Off-road spybot orb is the Sony Rolly's spiritual successor

The words "cute" and "spybot" are not synonymous, but if you're talking about Rotundus' GroundBot, a mud, sand, snow and water treading, R/C-controlled, 3D-photo-shooting machine, then you're using the the right textual units.

For whatever reason you need a spybot that can withstand all different sorts of terrain, the GroundBot looks like it's your go-to guy 'bot. At first, it looks like a Sony Rolly, but your eyes would be tricking you. The GroundBot is much larger — about the size of a normal car tire.

Capable of traveling at six miles per hour for 8-16 hours nonstop and controllable with a remote or programmed GPS, the GroundBot is as versatile as it is "friendly and unthreatening." Rotundus says the GroundBot can turn tight corners with ease. With two completely sealed cameras, the GroundBot can even float in water without getting all discombobulated and short-circuiting.

All we know is that, if we ever saw one of these rolling around in our neighborhood, we'd be tempted to kick it like a dodgeball. You know what it needs? Spikes — yes, lots of spikes that extrude from its spherical body when someone tries to seize it.

Rotundus and BLDG BLOG, via TechFresh

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