Nokia's flexible smartphone prototype is pretty crazy

Nokia showed off a truly unique prototype recently at the Nokia World show in London: a flexible cellphone that could be controlled simply by bending it.

As you can see in the video below, the prototype allows you to zoom in and out and navigate through menus simply by bending and twisting the device in various directions. It looks pretty intuitive, especially when paired with a multitouch screen, and certainly looks like something that could make it into a real-deal product eventually.

This prototype features a flexible OLED screen and what appears to be a rubber-like enclosure. Just how they made the guts inside flexible as well isn't clear, but they did it. Either that, or they're off to the side, connected to the unit via the wire you can see in the video below.

Still, pretty cool. What do you think? Do you want your next phone to be flex-controlled?


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