Noah pod is the answer for last minute escapes on Earth

No matter what your particular faith might be, most of us know the story of Noah's Ark braving a catastrophic flood in a massive sea craft. Now a Japanese company has decided to prepare for the next great earthquake and tsunami by creating a safety tool directly inspired by the ancient tale.

The Noah Disaster Shelter was created by New CosmoPower to offer a last ditch method of protection in the event that you are unable to escape an oncoming tsunami, or find yourself trapped in a major earthquake. The pod can fit up to four adults, and while resistant to direct impacts and water, it won't protect you in the event of a fire. The yellow color is to ensure easy detection in the aftermath of an event, and the pole is for passengers to hold on to during a rough ride.

Although the $3,900 price tag might seem a bit steep, anything that offers even the possibility of saving your life during a disaster like the March earthquake and tsunami is probably a bargain. You can see the Noah Disaster Shelter being demonstrated in the video below.

Via Asahi

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