Nintendo Wii U will probably not launch until late 2012

At E3, I waited nearly two hours to play Nintendo's Wii U. It was worth every leg cramp. Most fans thought they'd be playing the console by at least summer, but it looks like it won't come out until the 2012 holiday season.

The suggestive launch window comes after Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced during an investor meeting that the final form of the Wii U would be shown off at next year's E3 (event is in June). If that's the case, then all that talk about Nintendo launching Wii U "after March" really means "after June."

Can Nintendo still launch the console in July and August? Yes, but it won't, because there will be less demand for it. It can simply wait until the holiday rush and capitalize on the shopping frenzy. November's not a bad time month if we were to guess. The Nintendo DS, Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 all launched in November.

According to Gamepro, Nintendo's hell-bent on correcting its mistakes with the Nintendo 3DS that led it to announce a $924 million loss — its first annual loss in 30 years. If you recall, the 3DS launched in February in Japan and late March in Europe and North America — sans heavy hitters such as Mario and Zelda — and at a price most consumers found too expensive.

Looking back, it's clear to gamers and to Nintendo that the 3DS was rushed. Now, it's time to right those wrongs. Gamers can't afford to sit idly for half a year waiting for a decent game to play on their new pricey game machine.

A later launch in 2012 might seem dreadful for diehard Nintendo gamers, but it would at least ensure the company has key first and third-party titles ready for launch. Because, really, gaming is about the games, not just the box.

Via Gamepro and PC World

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