New York City scratch-n-sniff book smells like inspiration

Anyone who's ever visited or lived in New York is bound to ask — why would anyone want to make a book capturing its smells? Call her a dreamer or call her a realist but first time author Amber Jones believes the world's children deserve to take this olfactory journey be it good, bad or downright ugly in New York, Phew York.

On a good day New York can smell like a neighborhood bakery or Italian restaurant. On a bad day it smells really, really — let's just add one more really — bad.

The idea for the book came from Jones' own experience being overwhelmed by the smells of New York when looking for the delights of her local pizza shop and while following her nose ended up stepping in manure. They do say inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.

This unique event led Jones to put together a potent potpourri of 30 urban smells from nineteen neighborhoods in an illustrated scratch-n-sniff adventure for children. Readers can delight in a family's journey through New York smelling everything from freshly baked breads, taco trucks, hot dogs to fish, roadkill and garbage trucks.

No one reading this will be surprised to hear that traditional publishers turned up their noses at the idea. Cost, and the perception the book would prove to be turn-off to the discerning public were given as the reason for the rejection. So Jones turned to self-publishing via Kickstarter, and the crowd-sourcing site validated her idea.

If publishers didn't believe in the adventure of smelling your way through New York, the community definitely did. Jones just met her $20,000 funding goal and the book is available for order on her website.

Who knew that a story smelling so strange could end up so sweet?

Kickstarter, via Scentsational Books

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