Most dangerous FPS sim ever includes 12 paintball guns

If there's one thing most first person shooter games fail to accurately portray, it's consequences. Want to leap over those sandbags, yelling a war cry with your guns blazing? Go nuts, but if you're playing an FPS in this $650,000 custom simulator, you'll pay for your reckless bravery, and it's going to hurt. A lot.

A British TV program programme called The Gadget Show decided it would be kinda fun to blow $650,000 to make the best simulator they could possibly imagine for Battlefield 3. They started with a 360 degree dome powered by an array of five HD projectors, added in an omni-directional treadmill, infrared motion tracking, and a Kinect system to let the player's movements translate directly into the game, and then set the mood with a whole bunch of LED lights.

So great, that's a nice setup. Sounds fun. But what's new is the array of 12 paintball guns, all pointed in the general direction of the player, and slaved into the game in such a way that when your onscreen self gets shot at, you get shot at. And trust me, being shot at near point blank range with one single paintball gun (not to mention 12 paintball guns) is not an experience that most people would choose to have more than once. That said, it adds an air of realism that not even the most sophisticated FPS vest can match, even if it does eventually end up turning your aforementioned $650,000 custom gaming environment into a paint-splattered mess.

You'll find a video of the system in action below, and show featuring it airs in the UK on October 24th at 8:00pm on Channel 5.

The Gadget Show, via Engadget

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