Take five minutes for these classic Halloween horror shorts on YouTube

We all have Halloween movie standbys — The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror and everyone's go-to Halloween. For those time-conscious fear freaks looking for a fright in-between your busy prank and trick-or-treat schedule, it's worth revisiting a truly creepy collection of film shorts called "True Crime" stories.

Chris Hanson of Diabolical Brainiac Productions actively cranked out these focused little shorts in 2008 and 2009 (with another in 2010), and while he hasn't made one in a while, they definitely still hold up.

Each one presents gory tales of murder married with old 8mm film footage of families going about their business. Unsettlingly odd music and text over the video tell the tales of the fantastically gruesome murders in about eight minutes or less. They are guaranteed to give you the chills.

Before you think he's lost the plot by documenting psychotic killings, we'll let you in on the secret: the videos and stories are completely made up. That's the kind of creativity and dark sense of humor we love.

These little horrors are classics suitable for fear fans all year around Halloween or not, and while it appears Chris Hanson may not have any plans to make more in the future, we can't help but hope he does.

Below we've embedded a few of our faves: The Killer Santa, The Sofa Corpse and, of course, The LSD Grandma Murder. You can see plenty more here.

Via Diabolical Brainiac Productions

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