Microsoft tech lets you use your touchscreen through fabric

Microsoft has come up with a new way for you to use your smartphone — while it's still in your pocket. Prototypes of the system use a touch panel on the back of a phone so that both the front of the back can read gestures, and are sensitive enough to detect inputs through all sorts of fabrics, thick and thin.

Microsoft tested the system with 25 different common fabrics, and programmed the system to work with nearly all of them. Which brings us to the question: Why use a phone while its still in your pocket?

The point is to do things like reject phone calls, control music players, and even type out text message responses. Which all sounds good to me, although Microsoft's scientists still haven't figured out how to let you use such a touchscreen through your pants without it looking like you're tickling your balls. Your degrees are useless!

Via PC World

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