Video: Microsoft shows off our augmented reality, holographic future

Let's be honest, no matter how outlandish some of those "future vision" videos produced by various companies are, they're always fun to watch. But sometimes the visions in the video are so tantalizingly real and within reach, hilarity turns into very real excitement. Microsoft just pulled that off.

The Microsoft Office Labs group, charged with envisioning the future, began producing one video a year about five years ago under the name Productivity Future Vision. But in our current touchscreen-enabled, 3D movie reality, the company's latest effort feels a lot more like interesting prediction than pure fantasy. In the new video we get to see a long list of intelligently imagined innovations including: instant language translation embedded in your eyeglasses, holographic tele-presence, interactive billboards, and car-based augmented reality.

Amazingly, the only thing in the video that still seems out of reach are some of the holographic interactions depicted. You can decide for yourself just how real this future looks by checking out the video below as well as other videos in the series here.

Via Productivity Future Vision and YouTube

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