LCD-equipped Xbox 360 controller is perfect for cheaters

So, you want a leg up on the competition in Call of Duty without getting better at playing the game? Datel's new TurboFire 360 Xbox 360 controller is here to help, you cheater.

The new wireless controller features a built-in LCD screen right on the front. The screen features menus that allow you to access and tweak any number of adjustments, including rapid fire and "sniper mode."

This is fine for single-player games, but using this to gain an edge in online competition seems pretty weak. Part of the fun of online gaming is knowing that everyone's working with the same equipment and the playing field is relatively level. This gives some people an unfair advantage, and where's the fun in that?

Thankfully, cheating carries a high price: $55. Before you buy, though, it sounds like Microsoft isn't too hot on these controllers, according to Kotaku:

Microsoft and Datel don't get along very well, mainly due to the fact that the UK is in the habit of crafting unauthorized third-party controllers that sync directly to the Xbox 360, something licensed third-party accessory makers rarely get to do.

CodeJunkies via Kotaku

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