Last minute rumor: iPhone 5 might have monstrous 4.4-inch screen

Down to the very wire as Apple prepares to announce the next iPhone in just a few hours, a new rumor arrives! Apple blog Cult of Mac says a case company is making 50,000 cases for a device with a huge 4.4-inch screen, tapers and has a wider home button. this the iPhone 5?

Cult of Mac says the device is 4.83-inches tall and .28-inches thick, with the mute button swapped out on the other side instead of above the volume buttons. The mystery device is also just slightly wider and taller than the iPhone 4. Sounds exactly like that iPhone 5 we've been hearing about.

What could it be? Nobody seems to know for sure, since a 4.4-inch screen device is way larger than what we're expecting from the iPhone 5.

Speculation is going around that it may be a larger iPod Touch, a mini iPad, or even an entirely new iOS device altogether.

One thing Cult of Mac seems to have been able to confirm is that Hard Candy, the case maker is pumping out 50,000 cases based on these reference designs. That's a lot of confidence for a device that may not be real. Hopefully it is!

Via Cult of Mac

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