Kindle Fire on track to be bigger than the iPad on day one

If pre-order numbers are anything to go by, then Amazon's first tablet, the Kindle Fire, is already on its way to moving more units on launch day than Apple did when it first released the first-gen iPad in 2010.

CultofAndroid claims that a close source has leaked screenshots of Amazon's inventory management system with numbers that show over 250,000 Kindle Fire tablets have been pre-ordered in the last five days.


To put that into perspective, the blog says that Amazon is adding about "2,000 units per hour, or over 50,000 per day" and the device hasn't even shipped yet. Compared to the original iPad, that sold 300,000 units on launch day, the Kindle Fire looks set to easily smash Apple's first-day records.

Pre-orders are one thing, but actual charged sales are another. Cult of Android cautions that it's possible customers could cancel their pre-orders or demand could flatten out by the Kindle Fire's November 15 launch day.

Then there's also the matter of price. The iPad is $500 and the Kindle Fire is only $200. 250,000 pre-orders might look like a lot, but if we're pitting grapes to apples, we'd have to count two and a half Kindle Fires sales for every one iPad in order for it to be fair game.

Even so, the outlook for the Kindle Fire looks bright. People seem to want it, and Amazon's happy to take their money, even if the Kindle Fire lacks a few things.

Via CultofAndroid

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