Justin Bieber's awesome custom Batmobile revealed

Whether or not you're a fan of his music, there is simply no way you can deny the power and glory of Justin Bieber's new custom Batmobile.

Dubbed the Bat-illac, the car is actually a Cadillac CTS-V customized by Ryan Friedlinghaus, the founder of West Coast Customs and star of the TLC reality series Street Customs. Friedlinghaus began talking up the special design a few months back, but most didn't get to see Bieber's super car until the last couple of days. The Batman tribute features the comic book character's logo on the front and back of the car, with doors that open in reverse similar to the Rolls Royce Drop Head Phantom Coupé, and even has a "batmobile" nameplate on the trunk.

The base car model retails for about $60,000, but the bells and whistles likely added a good deal more to the pricetag. You can see images of the Bat-illac in the gallery below.

Via CTV, TMZ & AMP Radio

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