Using 3D printers to create exact replicas of faces

The country is Japan. The company: REAL-f. For a whopping $4,000, REAL-f will use "3-Dimensional Photo Forms" to crank out a crazily detailed replica of your face and turn it into a mask. Because, you know — why not.

Just look at the pictures below: everything is artfully recreated, from your eyebrows to your freckles. The company works with several pictures of someone's face from various angles, and then prints a high-res composite image onto a molded resin.

For just shy of $6,000 you could even get a full head done. Yes, yes, that's all very expensive, but additional face masks and full heads run for $780 and about $2,000, respectively. You're losing money by not buying!

Check out more of REAL-f's 3D printed output in the gallery below.

REAL-f, via io9

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