HP might revive TouchPad as a Windows 8 tablet

This is a sign — a sign that the HP TouchPad deserves a second chance. After receiving an unofficial Android port, it's now going around that HP is retooling the TouchPad to work as a Windows 8 tablet. Poor webOS.

Fox News' Clayton Morris says that he's heard the TouchPad hardware team is experimenting with "proof-of-concept work" in getting the killed off tablet to run Windows 8.

The nugget isn't anything substantial, but it does give hope that perhaps HP's new CEO Meg Whitman is not killing off its hardware and PC division after all. That's a good thing. HP makes some fine laptops, and the world needs more competition, so we're all for it.

As for webOS, it appears HP is still trying to sell it off. Rumored buyers include Amazon, HTC, LG and Nikon. Not sure what Nikon would do with it, though, since they make cameras.

Who here would buy a Windows 8-powered HP TouchPad? While it's almost a given that if a Windows 8 TouchPad does surface, it won't be $99, what's the most you would fork over for one? $200? $300 $400? Tell us in the comments below!

Clayton Morris, via Tom's Hardware

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