HP and Conde Nast team up for print-at-home magazines

Magazines have seen their profits and sales numbers go downhill ever since the internet came along, but they're not about to go down without swinging. The latest plan to save magazines? Print-your-own magazines. Uh, OK.

Forgive my skepticism, but I don't think the reason people stopped buying magazines was that they were too inconvenient to get a hold of. I mean, they were delivered to your door! What's more convenient than that? But HP and Conde Nast have teamed up to let you print out entire magazines when they're released.

It's as if they didn't realize that printer ink is one of the biggest ripoffs out there and that people want to read things that they can share with friends and find context to easily! This is pretty much the exact opposite of the direction things are going; rather than making a magazine digital, easy to read on a multitude of devices, searchable and filled with links, they've just moved it from being printed elsewhere to you paying to print it at home. No thank you! But good luck with all that.

HP via Gizmodo

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