Hack makes ported Siri fully functional on the iPhone 4

A couple of weeks ago we saw how hacker Steven Troughton-Smith had successfully ported the iPhone 4S' Siri personal assistant over to the older iPhone 4. Problem was, it couldn't fool Apple's servers into coughing up any of their informational goodies. Now Troughton-Smith has completed the job, making Siri fully functional on the older device.

Apple has claimed that you need the faster processor of the iPhone 4S for Siri to work properly, but at least in the brief video clip, it looks like the two phones run pretty much neck and neck.

Unfortunately because Troughton-Smith needed to "borrow" the ID from a jailbroken iPhone 4S to make it work, he's not planning to release the hack publicly. That's a bummer for those of us stuck with the old technology.

My only hope is that now that Siri has been shown to work just fine on the older phone, Apple may have a change of heart and offer an upgrade for us poor slobs with our six month old phones.

9to5Mac, via OhGizmo!

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