Google kills Buzz, embraces Google+ for all your sharing needs

So long Buzz, you won't be missed! Joining the likes of Wave, Google's first whack at creating a unified online sharing service will be replaced by the 40 million strong Google+. Better get +1-ing, because all those old Buzz buttons have to go.

If you look back at Google's original Buzz intro video, the death of it becomes pretty clear — Google+ can do everything Buzz can do and then some.

From the very beginning Google's mission with Buzz was to allow people to share things however they wanted, publicly or privately. Google wanted it to be the default sharing service on the Internet, like Twitter's Tweet and Facebook's Like button.

It came a little too late.

With Google+ now live for everybody, Buzz is redundant. Sayonara Buzz.

I wish I could say I used Buzz a lot, but I didn't and most people I ask still don't have a clue what it Buzz was. Will you miss Buzz? Let us know down below.

Via Google Blog

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