Give any pair of sunglasses a HUD

This new gadget from Sportiiiis promises to add a heads-up display to any pair of sunglasses, letting athletes see real-time updates on their performance without taking their eyes off the ball.

While there are glasses, goggles, and helmets that offer HUDs now, this is the first device to add a HUD to any pair of glasses. It does this by sacrificing a full graphical display for a series of LEDs. Rather than seeing numbers or images, it'll show you a series of colorized LED lights combined with audio updates to let you know how you're doing.

It'll work by connecting wirelessly to devices such as heart rate monitors, power meters, and cadence or speed modules. So if you have a target speed for your jog, a green light means you're where you need to be, while red is too fast and yellow is too slow.

A little simple, yes. But it's probably less distracting than flashier HUDs.

Via Gizmag

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