Gamestop's Android-powered 'gaming tablets' are out in the wild

Gamestop teased and then it started talking more about selling a gaming-focused tablet, and now, without any sort of grand announcement, the tablets are available in some 200 U.S. retails. Anybody seen these yet?

It's pretty easy to build an Android tablet, but building a good one seems to require making it not even feel like an Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. Samsung's TouchWiz-fied Galaxy Tab 8.9 is not too bad and Amazon's Kindle Fire seems to poised to be a real tablet juggernaut.

That makes it all the more interesting that Gamestop is leaping into the hardware game with a tablet. Or rather, three tablets. According to the Wall Street Journal, Gamestop's tablets are already being sold in 200 select stores in the U.S. and are made by Acer, Asus and Samsung.

Gamestop's tablets are reported to come bundled with seven games, with two confirmed to be Dead Space and Madden NFL. Mind you, these are the tablet versions of the game, and not the console versions, lest you get your hopes up.

What kind of tablet will you be getting? Nothing new, really. Instead of one Gamestop-branded tablet, you'll be paying full price for either an Acer A100 ($320), Asus Transformer ($400) or a Galaxy Tab *$500) reports PC Mag.

But on-screen controls and analogs suck, right? Gamestop is selling a controller that hooks up to the tablets, for more of that traditional gaming. The only problem is that the controller is sold separately. No word on price, either. D'oh!

Any DVICE readers buying one of these? If you see them at your local Gamestop, send us pics. Would anybody here even consider buying one? With PS Vita on the way, I'm not sure I'll be interested in tablet gaming for much longer, no matter how nice games like Infinity Blade 2 and Shadowgun look like.

PC Mag and Wall Street Journal, via Gamasutra

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