Functional art: carpets made from Google Maps

Viewing one of David Hanaeur's carpets you might get a feeling of déjà vu. If the designs seem eerily familiar, it's because they are a connection of bird's eye views from Google Maps. The collection is appropriately dubbed "Worldwide Carpets."

Using snowy pastoral scenes and the endless patterns of Los Angeles and Las Vegas suburbs, Hanauer takes the concept of modern art quite literally. His intent was to take the ancient tradition of Persian carpets, and replicate their complexity with tools from the modern age. Hypnotically powerful repeating images from Google Maps photos do call to mind old school designs, but upon closer inspection reveal their link to the famous web brand.

At 29, Hanauer uses his skills as a product design major and photography minor at Germany's Academy of Media Arts and Design to take everyday objects and turn their original form or purpose on their heads. Being completely functional as well as beautiful, his carpets deliver just that.

Perhaps they also bring back some of the individuality a product that makes everything so public in nature.

Worldwide Carpets have been sold in designer boutiques in Berlin for over $500 each, and should you be searching for that one of a kind holiday gift you can also find them on Hanauer's website along with his other interior design creations.

Who would have thought that one day the expression "having the world at your feet" would actually come true?

David Hanaeur, via GOOD

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