Florida schools are using fingerprint scanners to track students

Most schools issue ID cards to their students, but apparently that isn't high-tech enough for schools in Washington County Florida. A new system there has students scanning their fingerprints at roll call, and checks them against a database kept by the school.

No longer will you be able to get a friend to say "present" in their best imitation of your voice, if you just happen to be running late.

The scanners have been in use at the schools since the start of the school year, but they plan to move them onto the school buses to save time. Schools Superintendent Sandra Cook described the program as "one of the most monumental things that Washington County has ever done."

I'll admit that I know almost nothing about the Washington County Florida schools, but it seems like a sad commentary if you need to treat students like prisoners to get them to attend.

WJHG, via PopSci

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