Flame throwing Jack-o'-lantern should keep the kids off your lawn

If you want to keep those pesky trick-or-treating kids away from your door this Halloween, you're going to need something pretty scary. This flame throwing Jack-o'-lantern looks like a good bet, as long as you don't get sued for setting some kid's Lady Gaga costume on fire.

The lantern uses a can of WD-40 as the fuel, with a tealight serving as the pilot flame to ignite the WD-40. You also need a whole MacGyver load of other bits and pieces to put it all together. When triggered, the lantern spits out a one second long jet of flame, that will certainly keep any sane person at bay.

Note: Dvice does NOT condone actually making a flame throwing Jack-o'-lantern. Anyone who actually does, is a complete idiot just asking for trouble. Just watch the video for the lulz and be entertained, it's more fun that maiming some innocent kid, or burning your house down.

Instructables, via Ubergizmo

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