Finally, a $75,000 big wheel for grown-ups

The Big Wheel was a staple of my childhood. It was the coolest way to get around, keeping you nice and low to the ground while the titular big front wheel provided stability. If only I could get that feeling back, alongside a feeling of stupidity for wasting a whole lot of money!

Oh, look! I can! It's the Green Machine, a nine-foot gas-powered big wheel loaded up with a 60HP 80cc Harley-Davidson Evo engine. It can get you going at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, which is certainly faster than any big wheel I ever had, and its 8.5-gallon tank can move you 400 miles between fill-ups.

At $75,000, it's the price of a high-end luxury car, but hey, does a luxury car have this kind of character? The Parker brothers, who built the Green Machine, are also responsible for this sweet Tron-inspired chopper, and may have more bikes on the way from the movies and more on their upcoming show, Dream Machines.

Parker Brothers Chopper, via Hammacher Schlemmer via Gizmodo

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