Facebook iPad app finally available to social network junkies

At long last, it's here. The app that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn't want to give us is finally here — Facebook's official iPad app — is up for download and it's pretty polished.

iPad users have been waiting over a year and half for an official Facebook app. After several delays and leaks, Facebook quietly released its iPad app without any fancy press events.

Patience is a virtue, right? If full-screen Facebook apps and games, watching and recording HD videos, viewing high-res photos, online chat has you falling off the edge of your seat, then the Facebook iPad app is waiting for you.

The Facebook app is a free download and it's available on iTunes. We've only had a little bit of time to run it on our original iPad, but so far, we like it. It sure beats going to the full Facebook website every time through Safari.

iTunes, via LA Times

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