This eraser magically turns chalk dust into new chalk sticks

Chalk boards are useful in classrooms, but they do make one hell of a mess. All that chalk dust has to go somewhere, and most of the time it seems to be all over the clothes of the person erasing the board. The Chalkeeper aims to end the mess, by sucking up all of the dust, and turning it into new chalk sticks.

As you erase the board, the Chalkeeper has a tiny vacuum motor that sucks up all of the dust and stores it inside the handle. That by itself would be a big improvement over the usual chalky mess, but this concept goes one step further by combining the chalk dust with heat and water to mold new chalk sticks.

Whether all of that effort really makes sense compared to using a new 7-cent chalk stick is a good question, but I do like the idea of sucking up all the dust. Then again, didn't most schools switch over to using white dry-erase boards decades ago to solve this exact problem?

The Chalkeeper designed by Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo is currently just a concept.

Via Yanko Design

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