12 easy last-minute Halloween costumes for procrastinating geeks

Going to a costume party is fun. Obsessing over the perfect costume isn't. Maybe that's why you usually decide what to wear late in the afternoon on October 31.

To give you hand, we've slapped together some ideas that aren't too much work to put together. You won't win a best-dressed award, but you'll get credit for making some kind of effort. Plus, all these ideas appeal to geeks — perfect for keeping your friends guessing.

So fret not — here are 12 easy, last-minute costumes from the world of tech, video games, science fiction and more that you could toss together after work today. (And no, neither zombies nor vampires on on this list. You can call that two free ideas right there.)

Special thanks to "Last Minute" guest artist Ryan Cruz, who drew the illustrations you see in the gallery below. You can see more of his artwork on DeviantArt.

More Halloween Goodies:

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