Dudes build awesome R/C drone for the equally awesome Epic Red camera

The 5K Red Epic is a camera of epic proportions. As its name implies, it shoots video at a 5K resolution and it's not a honking monstrous camera, either. It's actually quite small. What could make the Epic Red even more delightful? Strapping it to a flying drone and taking it to the skies to capture footage.

German special effects company OMStudios thought thought it would be cool to shoot video from above with a drone instead of a using a crane, so they built a drone for the Red Epic. Remote-controlled, powered by eight motors with propellers and capable of climbing 150 meters, the drone is pretty versatile.

Just look at how that touchscreen pivots the camera eye around. It reminds us of R2-D2.

It sure beats being Jackie Chan and hang in off the side of building with a camera too. There's no price total on the materials used to build the drone, but we can probably guess it wasn't cheap.

Spy the sweet video below. James Cameron or Peter Jackson would love this.

Via Slashgear

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